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Generating Electricity From Landfill Gas in Brazil

Updated: Mar 25

Brazil is the 5th biggest producer of waste in the world. In 2015, Brazil generated around 79.9 million tonnes of solid waste, that's over 1kg of waste per person per day! The majority of this waste ends up in landfill, where it decomposes and releases harmful methane gases into the atmosphere which has a significant impact on global warming.

The Project

The aim of this project is to collect landfill gas produced in the Uberlândia landfills and use it to generate electricity. 

This project covers two landfill sites: Uberlândia landfill 1 which receives an average of 140,000 tonnes of domestic waste a year and Uberlândia landfill 2 which is set to receive 4,500,000 m3 of solid waste during its lifetime. The project will collect the methane gas that is produced from this waste, and convert this gas into clean energy. 

The project is expected to produce 354,968 MWh of energy during its lifetime. 

The introduction of this project will prevent environmentally damaging methane from being released into the atmosphere, and deliver renewable energy to the grid, avoiding the potential usage of the same amount of electricity from fossil-fuel based power plants. Additionally, the project will provide work opportunities and income generation within the local area, as qualified operators are needed to maintain and operate the machinery.

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