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Going Meatless: How to Incorporate Meat-Free Mondays into your Dog's Diet

tomato's and green veg

Veganuary is here and with each year an increasing number of the people are turning to a vegan or reduce meat lifestyle and it is only natural for pet owners to reconsider their pets food options too. There are now many brands with plant-based options and some brands are 100% vegetarian or vegan.

Although a 100% vegan diet isn't something we would recommend (unless advised by a trained and qualified vet) their are plenty of vegan treats and chews to help reduce your dogs overall meat intake and potential environmental impact.

Our Top 5 Meat-Free Monday Snacks for Dogs

dog with healthy dental sticks

The Little Green Pet Vegetable Dental Sticks are a delicious and healthy alternative to rawhide and other unnatural dental chews on the market.

Using sweet potatoes & peas and baked with natural ingredients & health boosting natural additives to create a delicious selection of dog snacks with natural flavours that dogs simply can’t resist.

Why We Love Vegetable Dental Sticks

  • Grain Free

  • Easy to Digest

  • Help Maintain Dental Health

  • Only 2.1% Fat

Bassett hounds with dog chocolates

A soothing blend of carob, chamomile and quinoa, just like easing into a mug of warm cocoa. Carob is a healthy chocolate alternative for dogs, making each soft-baked biscuit all the more tempting.

Finally, something chocolatey approved for your four-legged friend. Beco has added chamomile for its calming qualities and quinoa for its antioxidants and protein. Pocket-sized and compostable packaging approved, ready to grab and go.

Labrador with a vegetable alligator chew

Our Vegetable Algae Alligators are made completely meat free. All our ingredients are mixed together with no artificial flavours or colourants.

Low in fat, these unique dental chews are a fun, natural alternative to chews containing grains and rawhide.

The ridges and open bottom of our chews make them perfect for transforming into an enrichment treat by spreading pates and doggy peanut butters along all their ridges and gaps.

The superfood algae in our chews is know as Spirulina and is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

How Can Your Dog Eat More Sustainably?

Many owners make the choice to feed a vegan or vegetarian diet for their dogs, usually because of the impact farming meat can have on the planet. However, unless advised by a qualified veterinary professional, we would never recommend these types of diets as a long term alternative for your dog.

But there are plenty of other ways you can be more sustainable with your dog's food choices. Try Grub Club, an environmentally friendly, nutritious insect alternative to meat. The grubs used have a similar nutritional value to fresh chicken with a fraction of the environmental impact.

Alongside tasty insect based foods, there are plenty of ways to be greener with your dogs lifestyle. From zero plastic chews, shampoos, to natural parasite treatments, compostable poop bags and toys, we have a fantastic range of eco-friendly products to help you.

For more info on Grub Club click here and to view more of our natural dog foods head over to here

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