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Support The Pets of Gaza

Sulala Animal Rescue is the first and only animal rescue in the Gaza Strip. It was founded by Mr. Saeed Al Err, a man with great love for animals. Unable to stand by and watch poor stray animals hungry in the street, he has been taking daily feeding routes feeding stray animals since the early 2000s.

Sulala Animal Rescue embarks on daily missions to rescue stray animals, or pets who have been abandoned. Animals in Gaza are always at risk of being hit by cars, or contracting diseases caused by poor diet and the rough living conditions in the streets of Gaza. They receive many calls from citizens every day reporting strays and sick animals. These animals are picked up, treated and put into a safe space.

There can be some ignorance in Gaza around animal suffering, and how to treat animals the way they deserve. Many animals are abused and/or neglected. Sulala Animla Rescue believe this behaviour affects society, and how we treat the most vulnerable is telling of how we teach children to treat each others. This is why they try to raise awareness in communities and in schools on how to treat animals.

Sulala Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and therefore dependent on donations. With your support they can make a difference for many animals in need. Any amount is valued and helps them to saving lives.

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