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Grub Club tried over 20 recipes and worked with some of the UK’s leading animal nutritionists and vets to ensure your dog will LOVE their grubs. After running numerous tests, they noticed dogs absolutely loved the inclusion of fresh ingredients so they decided to include that in their food. They can smell and taste the freshness.


Healthy hearts, bones, eyes and joints thanks to ingredients like sweet potato and linseed. Not to mention the omega-rich insects.


Less itching and scratching thanks to grain-free formulas and hypoallergenic insect protein.


Happy tummies thanks to Grub Club Digestion Booster containing Prebiotic MOS and FOS, as well as Yucca extract. It’s great news for sensitive tummies, gut health, and rosier farts!


Healthy cells thanks to Grub Clubs Superfood Blend of blueberries, pomegranate, beetroot, and spinach. ALL HAIL ANTIOXIDANTS! Because they can slow down or even prevent damage to cells – which is pretty darn impressive for a couple pomegranates and blueberries, right?! 


Compared to livestock, farming insects has an incredibly low carbon footprint. In the sophisticated vertical farms that Grub Club partner with, one tonne of insects can be grown in 2-3 weeks using a land area of 20 square meters and less than 30 litres of water.

Grub Club - Insect Based Dog Food

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    • Hypoallergenic
    • Made Using Sustainably Sourced Protein
    • Vet Approved
    • High in Protein
    • Made in the UK